What is AOYL?

Free-Style journaling at its liberating best

Author of Your Life (AOYL) is free-style journaling at its liberating best, offering you the essential tools for exploring the inner core of who you are, what you want, and what it is that you are all about. Finding and unlocking your core elements of strength, your “Truth” and at this point of your life the decision-making tools for finding your own personal direction in the next steps.

AOYL is designed to serve as a “letting go” journaling space for you, where you can freely journal your innermost thoughts, feelings, fears, guilt, and such. But you don’t have to set out on this exciting journey alone, AOYL allows you to participate in collaborative groups where you can work and share your experiences with other people. AOYL also helps you enhance your writing by offering you writing exercises and tools to practice with.

We encourage you to create an Author of Your Life writers group in conjunction with your church or among groups of friends. AOYL groups are currently meeting in several cities across the globe, and benefiting the quality of life among members.

The Author of Your Life workbook, Author of Your Life, A Living Novel, will be available online as well as an “in print workbook”.

About the Author

Rick Ryerson

Program creator and blogger

Many people perceive “who they are” as the biggest obstacle in their course of life, in going after the things they want, in overcoming their own personal demons, and in living the fuller life that they deserve.

The reality is you are not limited by anything, other than self-perceptions. The AOYL programs empower you in a safe environment to work through any preconceived notions that limit you from having a rich fulfilling life and reaching if not exceeding your “potential”. If you have ever heard the phrase “reaching your potential”, the program is about expanding any self-imposed boundaries and taking you beyond any fears or limitations you perceive. The AOYL program is a process, and I like to say “hang on, it’s going to be a great ride”.

AOYL program is my attempt at helping people realize that their greatest gift in life is indeed exactly “who they are” and that they can find all the right tools needed to navigate life in a positive way within their very own selves.

Through AOYL workshops and programs, my intent is to enable people to introspect about their life at different levels and uncover how things have been so far as well as the reasons for the same. This self-introspection is supposed to help people make sense of the choices that they’ve made at every step and the consequent results of those choices. The program is designed to help people see that the power to live a more fulfilled and positive life remains in their own hands and that they can stop being a victim of their past memories and move on towards better beginnings.

I would like to dedicate this program to my children Paige Ryerson, Todd Ryerson, Eric Rubedew, Brianne (Bri) Langlas, grandchildren Tatianna Ryerson, Dustin Ryerson. And my new children and grandchildren, Ali and Keith Horn, Madison Horn; Adam Pracna, Ashley Pracna, Jamison Pracna, Taylor Pracna, Kylee Ann Pracna.